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Fr., 24. März



UK/ Listening - Dancing - Being

How can we listen with and through our flowing body? How does Listening become Being, while engaging with each other, while Dancing?

UK/ Listening - Dancing - Being
UK/ Listening - Dancing - Being

Zeit & Ort

24. März 2023, 16:00 – 31. März 2023, 11:30

Dhanakosa, Balquhidder, Lochearnhead FK19 8PQ, UK


Listening can be seen as an activity merely of the mind, where we direct our thoughtful attention – but how is it to listen differently, with and through our flowing body? Being is often associated with ‘being someone’ or ‘being still’, but how is it to ‘be’ within our natural present movement of body or mind? How can we allow Being and Listening to meet, while engaging with each other, or while Dancing?

On this retreat, we will apply what we notice in the physical experience straight to our meditation. Engaging with a spirit of support, play and appreciation makes the retreat a place to experience joy and interconnectedness - with each other and with the gorgeous nature around. We can learn how to be present and engaged in this moment, leaving the next one to come freely, without being weighed down by our plans or assumptions.

Everyone is welcome to join this retreat, whether new to meditation, Buddhist practices, or improvisation and movement. Everyone will bring their own experience of these methods - so it should be an interesting mix! All participants will be able to deepen their own research of the interrelatedness of movement and stillness.

Easy physical improvisational exercises will help us to become more present, and open to more light and joy. This will enrich our attention within and outside of meditation with the spirit of discovery.

Come and join - contact me to book or with any questions.

Please contact Dhanakosa directly to book.

Image of Dhanakosa by PlayofNow.


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