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Do., 07. Sept.


at home & on Zoom

The Shapes of our Lives ...

- a community of practice - meeting regularly over four months from September

The Shapes of our Lives ...
The Shapes of our Lives ...

Zeit & Ort

07. Sept. 2023, 18:30 GMT+1 – 07. Dez. 2023, 20:30 GMT

at home & on Zoom


In our life and practice, how can we embrace, and breathe through and with whatever comes our way? We might be busy, engaged with many activities and people ... we might be on our own, enjoy the space, or at times feel a little lost ... we might be able to spend much time in nature, conversing with life around us ... or we might spend time in urban settings, with mechanical sounds, finding a way through full stations and crowds of people ...  

What is the shape that our lives takes at this time? 

Or what is the rhythm, the beat, always changing, and inviting us to find new moves ourselves?

What can the shapes of our life offer to our practice of meditation and in support of more wakefulness?

How can we find open spaces, but also use the corners, edges and narrow, tight places, as opportunities to deepen and dance?

This course will offer the opportunity to move, dance, improvise, talk and meditate in a community of fellow practitioners. As we did for the final four months of last year, we can join together in community, to support each other in discovering and sustaining a new way of living in this world, based on the experience of a deep and vital interconnection with what is around us.

For this gathering over four months we will meet as a group every two weeks on Thursday, 6:30 - 8:30 UK time, and additionally have a one day-retreat (date tbc). You will also receive regular impulses from me via email: something to read or listen to, to enrich your day, or a little task to take for a walk in nature (also possible in the city!). There will be small assignments or images that you can allow to speak to you ... it will be full of surprises! - And there will be the opportunity for weekly meetings with a partner in the course, and, if you wish, at times, 1-to-1 with me. 

This course is open to all, and does not need previous experience in movement or meditation. It is designed to support your practice, whatever context you might live in, and as you find most useful as an opportunity to carry your practice with you into your everyday life and work.

The fee is on a sliding scale of between £160 - 320. If you are able to contribute more, you will help someone else take part, who is unable to do so. Please contact me, if it is not possible for you to give that.

Please register here to join this community of practice. You will then receive a Zoom Link to join before the first date. To find out more, please write to me here - I will be in touch. To see the full schedule, please click on 'other dates'.

I look forward to exploring more in your company!

Image: Watercolour by Ulla Reiss


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