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So., 14. Feb.


+16th - both online; a Buddhafield event

Moving with the Air Element

We are being moved, pulled about and lifted up by all that is around us - in improvisation we can allow ourselves to enter this realm and enjoy the ride...

Moving with the Air Element
Moving with the Air Element

Zeit & Ort

14. Feb. 2021, 10:00 – 11:30

+16th - both online; a Buddhafield event


The air element shows us the unpredictability of life: not solid - like earth, not flowing predictably downwards - like water, nor always rising up - like fire. Within the Air Element all possibilities are open, it moves in all directions, suddenly, without reason …. 

This is the theme of improvisation: being in the unknown, and allowing ourselves to be moved not by our personal intention, but by greater forces flowing through us. 

It is also a description of life - where so little can be led by our own volition, best-laid plans or good intentions ... how is it to live when clinging a little less to what 'we' want?

These two sessions of movement improvisation (14 & 16 February) are part of a month-long exploration of the elements, run by Buddhafield. See here for more information and booking, and here for this and other movement offers.

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Silhouette image by Mohamad Hassan on pixabay.


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