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Do., 14. Jan.


Zoom Course (intro & six weeks)

The Path of the Bodhisattva

How can we practice the Buddhist path in these times of crisis and isolation? This course will help us build a community of support, through sharing, meditation, study & movement improvisation. Please book using the 'any questions?' button.

The Path of the Bodhisattva
The Path of the Bodhisattva

Zeit & Ort

14. Jan. 2021, 19:00 GMT – 25. Feb. 2021, 21:00 GMT

Zoom Course (intro & six weeks)


This is the second time I am offering this course, as the first one was appreciated by participants, for being a support to practice as well as for forming a sense of community in these times.

In Buddhist teaching, the Bodhisattva seeks liberation for all other beings as well as him/herself. The Bodhisattva does not abide in a remote peaceful place, but is part of everyday life with all its grief and challenges. By not removing ourselves from the world we can discover connectedness with all of life - sharing in joy and grief.

Now, with the challenges of social isolation, we can still experience that we and the world – other people and all of nature – are deeply connected. Meeting others in a meaningful way - even online - can support and heal us. For that, in this 6-week course we will use the Buddhist teaching of the Six Paramitas to support our life and practice in times of crisis. We will use exercises from improvisation to help us experience the essence of those teachings directly. 

The Six Paramitas are 

  • Dana - generosity
  • Sila - spiritual discipline
  • Ksanti - being at ease with grief and pain
  • Virya - joyful engagement
  • Dhyana - meditation
  • Prajna - wisdom

Through study, meditation, sharing and listening to each other we will build a small community that can be a support within crisis. In between sessions we will continue engagement or support with each other through online platforms or personally.

Openness is always present and gives us stability, even when times are uncertain. Movement is there, even within restriction.

Introduction/Taster: 14 January 2020, then six-week course (from 21 January - 25 February 2020). The start of the course might be delayed a little, if it takes more time to gather a group together. Times given are UK times. 

PLEASE NOTE that the course was initially planned for Wednesdays, but that has been changed.

To book and get the zoom link, please use the 'any questions?' button at the top or click here.

Donations for the Intro Evening (suggested £10 - 15) will go to the Ashuar Community of the Amazon, to support a fundraiser set up by DOWN to EARTH. The course charge is (suggested) £60 - 120, which also includes a donation to the same project.


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