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Do., 09. Feb.


At home, on Zoom

Opening to The New

A four-week course to help us experience the body as a source of knowing directly and being grounded in the now.

Opening to The New
Opening to The New

Zeit & Ort

09. Feb. 2023, 18:30 – 02. März 2023, 20:30

At home, on Zoom


A 4-week-course, with meditation and dance, to tune into being new and fresh in each moment

We never know what the next year will bring - or not even the next day or even hour!  Beyond resolutions for a new year, how do we engage in our lives and routines with freshness and curiosity?

Can we greet each moment in it's raw uniqueness, as Rumi teaches us in The Guest House:

          'This being human is a guest house. 

          Every morning a new arrival. 

          A joy, a depression, a meanness, 

          some momentary awareness comes 

          As an unexpected visitor. 

          Welcome and entertain them all!'

It is so easy to live in a world that seems knowable - we ourselves, people close to us, the place we live, the work we do - all of those can seem like predictable entities or experiences. We can feel safe with that, even if it is possibly a little boring at times...

Meditation opens us the way to be present with the actuality that everything is fresh, naked and new. Every moment is unique. This we can experience in the quiet sitting of our practice. - In improvisation this becomes a lived experience between us: moving with a partner, on our own, present with the body as it becomes a living resource of being/knowing.

And it is safe to be in the unknown - possibly it can be a challenge for our wish to predict ... but honestly, who wants to live a life based on assumptions?

In this four-week course we will explore different ways to experience the body as a source of direct knowing, teaching us to be present, here & now, grounded, and deeper than any stories our mind might offer. And as a part of this living Earth.

We will engage in movement, meditation and some interactive talking exploration of the themes, bringing us together across distance and letting us arrive more fully here, in our home, where we are. And discover how fresh this can be.

There also will be the opportunity and support to incorporate the practice into our daily lives in between sessions.

Please register ahead for this course here. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the online meetings.

This course is open to all, and does not need previous experience in movement or meditation. The fee is on a sliding scale of between £80 - 160. If you are able to contribute more, you will help someone else take part, who is unable to do so. Please contact me, if it is not possible for you to give that, as further reductions are possible.

If you have any other questions, please write to me here - I will be in touch. 

I look forward to exploring more in your company!

Image: Artwork by Antony Gormley


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